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Put your brand in the palm of their hand - SMS

16 Mar 2017 by Farhan Rehman


SMS can boost your results, no matter what your industry. As a marketeer, you are familiar with the concept of mobile first, but many only think of this concept in terms of their website or perhaps email marketing. SMS remains an under-utilised channel in the digital marketing mix. (see infographic)

As with every communication strategy the pros and cons have to be reviewed, but it is hard to ignore some of the staggering statistics surrounding our smartphone obsession.  For example, 91% adults have their mobile within arm’s reach 24 hours a day[1], checking them approximately 150 times a day – with 4/5 people checking their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking in the morning[2].  And the fact that the average mobile phone user spends 23 days or 552 hours each year staring at their phone screen[3].

We are addicted to our mobile phones, but what makes it all the more appealing is that we are happy to use them to interact with our favourite brands.

Agency research revealed that mobile is the marketing channel to have experienced the most growth over the last 12 months, not only that, this growth is projected to continue.  In 2016 33.67 million mobile users in the UK opted to receive texts from brands and businesses, with an estimated 48.65million users opting in by 2020.[4]

SMS presents an opportunity that requires serious consideration

Benefits of SMS

Instant deliverability and faster response

Text messages are delivered in seconds, so time-sensitive messages can be sent to customers. The average person takes 90 minutes to reply to an email, but only 90 seconds to reply to an SMS[5]. What’s more there are no additional obstacles like SPAM filters so delivery won’t be delayed.

Unequalled open and conversion rates

With over 90% open rate SMS is almost triple that of an average email campaign. And with the buzz in your pocket motivation enough to get you to open a text message, the pressure to craft optimised subject lines is not a critical part of the campaign.  Conversions rates are also higher, likely due to the short, clear message.  The call-to-action has to be clear and concise as there isn’t space for anything more.


Our SMS service is fully integrated to your e-shot™ dashboard and delivers best in class, granular reporting of each individual contact’s engagement. You can now enjoy all the functionality of a Single Send campaign but in an SMS format.

Share our handy infographic below to help spread the love about SMS! If you are interested to see how SMS could work for your business simply contact one of our account managers to chat through your options. Tel. 020 3320 8762





[1] Dynmark Mobile Intelligence Review



[4] Mobile squared research August 2016 based on UK nationally representative panel.


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