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Increase your email marketing ROI with CANDDi's deep insights on your website visitors.

01 Jan 2017 by Sadie Burgess

Since the first email was sent in 1971, it has been an increasingly powerful method for reaching out to wide audiences in a personalised way.

 Email, the king of mass personal communication

Recent research* has highlighted that email has become more and more important in customer acquisition, now accounting for almost 7% of total new customer acquisition, a seven fold increase in four years and far more than all social media combined.


If email remains one of the most personal communication channels, the reality is we know very little about what happens after someone receives it. If that’s ok in some situations, but for B2B marketers engaged in high value sales it can be a real challenge.

Who to follow up with? What are they really interested in? When is the right time to contact a prospect?  

Most Email Service Providers offer two sets of reports to help answer these questions: opens and clicks through.

Though many use the opens report to generate a list of leads to call back, on the basis it corresponds to people who had a certain level of interaction with the email, the results can be disappointing. A sales development representative going through that list inevitably faces the situation of speaking with people who didn’t engage with the email, or even didn’t open it.

Clicks through are more reliable but still provide very limited insights on the level of engagement of the visitor with a website.

Indeed, there’s a massive difference between a click followed by an immediate bounce and someone looking at your offering for 5 minutes and coming back three times on your website in the next couple of weeks through a search engine query on your product or brand name.

Increase your email ROI knowing who’s been on your website and what they've looked at

In the same way that personalisation in the email can increase the conversion rate by 25%**, identifying the right prospect and knowing precisely what is important to him and when to engage with him improves the outcome of sales interactions in a dramatic way.

CANDDi addresses this problem with a tracking tool that builds a detailed profile of each unique website visitor. Used in conjunction with emails, CANDDi tells the B2B marketer not only who clicked through, but who the visitors are with their social media information and what they have been looking at over the different visits to the website: pages viewed, videos watched, documents downloaded, forms submitted, searches made…

“With CANDDi, we know what they are interested in before we even start to talk to them” - customer in the charity sector

Precisely answering the questions “who is on my website” and “what’s happening after the click on my email” CANDDi helps B2B companies increase their ROI by focusing of the right prospect, knowing what they are interested in, and receiving alerts when they are back on the website.

Companies now have a way to go beyond opens and clicks through, to focus their efforts on the most relevant leads, thus keeping their sales people maximising their time on discussions that matter.

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CANDDi is a partner of Forfront e-shot and fully integrates with e-shot’s email technology. 

*Custora e-commerce acquisition snapshot 2013, study on 72 million customers from 86 US retailers across 14 industries. Available at


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