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System update

October 2018 Release - Overview

03 Oct 2018 by Sadie Burgess

Our October Update to e-shot features a number of great new features and enhancements. Here’s a summary of some of the key updates:

Advanced Dynamic ContentIn this release we are delighted to introduce new functionality to the drag & drop email builder. With Advanced Dynamic Content you can create complex campaigns with ease, based on custom fields within your dataset.

Whether you chose age, gender, geolocation or something else you can build a multifaceted campaign that is highly targeted and relevant to your audience. The simple email builder makes it easy for you to create personalised campaigns and view each variant, so you are in complete control of the send.

Cut through cluttered inboxes with personalisation at a whole new level.

WordPress Form Plugin  - Our WordPress integration has been updated to cater for multiple subaccounts in e-shot. Once a form has been set up in e-shot it can be easily deployed to any WordPress page. The preferences presented in the form are then dynamically populated based including the groups and preferences stipulated in the associated e-shot sign-up form. This is great for those running multiple sites, brands or segmenting their data in other ways. For example, you can present a customer-facing form for customer communications and a separate one for prospects.

Manage Profile Form – You can now make detailed customisations to your forms and control the format and styling of individual fields. This is advanced functionality which can be enabled via our Support team.

REST API – We have introduced a number of new abilities to create or update a single send campaign via our API and queue it for sending.

If you’re already a client, then keep an eye on your dashboard next week where you’ll find links to guides, videos and webinars to explain how to get the best out of these new features. If you’re not a client and would like to know more about our simple solution give us a call on 020 3320 8777.

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