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Employee Spotlight - Dan Fenner

09 Aug 2018 by Sadie Burgess

Welcome to the first of our employee spotlight series. Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing you to some of the team that makes e-shot™ great. The first spotlight is on the lovely Dan Fenner, one of our specialist account management team.  Everyday Dan dedicates his time to helping his clients get the most out of their email marketing, and here is a little insight into what makes our delightful Dan tick.

1. Summarise your role 

As an account manager, I am here to make sure our clients get the most out of the e-shot system, I am always on hand to help with all aspects of email marketing, from the planning of big projects, exploring new options and ideas, working on improving results, or just simple questions.  

2. What is your favourite part of the job? 

Receiving positive feedback from clients.

3. What is your favourite pastime outside of work? 

Having a kick about with mates.

4. What one word would your colleagues use to describe you? 

Friendly (Hopefully)

5. And the word that best describes e-shot™? 


6. What do you think makes e-shot™ stand out from competitors? 

It’s easy to use, but really what makes us stand out the most is the people, we have a support team like no other that will help with every query, no matter how large, its why our client retention rate is well above the average on the market. We have many other teams throughout the business who are on-hand to help resolve the client's issues as soon as possible. 

7. What is your favourite e-shot™ feature? 

The click overlay feature in reports, it helps you to identify where people are clicking, and which links / areas of your email were most popular. It’s a great tool to use when trying to work out what resonated with your audience, and therefore what to do more of / less of in the future.

8. What is the biggest challenge facing the marketing industry in the next 12 months?

Rebuilding their digital marketing lists, a lot of companies were hit quite hard by GDPR, but there’s no getting away from the fact that digital marketing, specifically email marketing, is a very cost effective way to market to an audience, and if done correctly can yield significant returns. So those who were hit hard and lost a lot of their audience cannot simply give up, they must find ways to increase their reach again.  

9. What is your top email marketing tip? 

Test, test and test again. I get asked quite often what will work and what wont in terms of send times, subject lines, content and everything in between, and although I can give advice based on what I have experienced, I have no idea if it will be the same for this exact audience! So by constantly testing new things, you will quickly learn what works best for you. If then at some point results begin to drop, try something new.

10. Which famous person, alive or dead, would you most like to have dinner with? 

Al Capone, as I think he would be full of stories.


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