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Salesforce integration with e-shot™

09 Jan 2018 by Sophie Lambert-Smith

 At e-shot™ we regularly collect feedback from our customers, and use it to help build the tools, integrations, and services that our customers need and want.

One of those much requested integrations, has been with the Salesforce CRM.  So we’re pleased to announce that our Salesforce integration is now available through the AppExchange

With the Salesforce app, leads and contacts can be synchronised with e-shot™, allowing you to send tailored campaigns, and create personalised segment based and behaviour based emails.

Fields between e-shot and Salesforce can be mapped to ensure you have the most up to date contact information across both platforms, no matter where you update it.


As well as updating individual contact level data, campaigns can also be created in Salesforce and updated to e-shot. Allowing you to manage groups of contacts.  There’s also integration at the reporting level allowing you to see key e-shot™ campaign data and insights in Salesforce directly.


With the enforcement of the GDPR deadline of May the 25th 2018, organizations will be required to prove and document how they respect and protect personal data – no matter where it is sent, processed or stored. Whilst this has implications for your entire organisation focusing primarily on the sales and marketing teams, and specifically your email marketing systems, how confident are you on the accuracy and security of your data?


Our Salesforce e-shot™ integration will allow you to maintain a clear audit of all data used, and will make sure that your team doesn’t need to manually transfer data or reporting between systems, helping with your GDPR compliance.  You can ensure that the data flow is safe, secure and you can manage your data in one central location – which then feeds all of your direct marketing campaigns.


For email, with the increasing importance of tracking customer opt in/out actions, having clear visibility of this information in one place alongside other customer data will be crucial to demonstrate GDPR compliance. Having robust solutions such as direct email and CRM integration provides a clear route to help make your processes GDPR compliant.

Find us in the Salesforce AppExchange to look at the specifics of our integration or give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through it. 

If you are using a different CRM system or have your own bespoke data management software, call us on +44(0)20 3320 8777 or drop us an email at and get our pro-active team of developers to create a bespoke integration for your needs – so you don’t have to lose any sleep between now and 25th May 2018.

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