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Are you opted-in to GDPR?

31 Jul 2017 by Sadie Burgess

On 25th May 2018 GDPR will come into force, and regardless of Brexit, will have far reaching effects on data collection, management and use. Whilst the legislation will impact many aspects of modern businesses the focus of the following words are around its impact on marketing.

For digital marketers, all eyes are on the legislation surrounding consent.

GDPR requires a clear affirmative action to indicate consent. So pre-ticked boxes, and “tick here if you don’t want us to contact you” are to be a thing of the past. 


Permission based marketing is nothing new, Seth Godin introduced the concept in 1999 but now the reality of mass-marketing and content saturation alongside the traditional “interruption” marketing has led to information overload, with some statistics suggesting that the average consumer is likely to come into contact with over 1 million advertisements per year – which is roughly 3000 per day.  So the challenge to turn strangers to friends and friends to customers is the hardest it has ever been.

There is a lot of hype around the impact that GDPR will have, but if you pull it back to its bones it is really nothing more than making direct marketing best practice a legislative imperative. Understanding what your potential customers need, demonstrating that you can fulfil that need and being present so when they are embarking on their purchasing journey ensuring that they can find your company and your company’s unique offering at the time they need to.

And don’t think that as a B2B marketer you are exempt from these challenges, as all the indications suggest that business based “personally identifiable information” such as email is equally covered by the legislation and bound by the same principles of consent as individuals covered by B2C marketing.

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