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GDPR - Countdown to May 2018

02 Jun 2017 by Sadie Burgess

If you google “GDPR” in 0.40 seconds Google can find almost 2 million results! The mounting crescendo of views and opinions on GDPR is almost deafening. And it’s not surprising, as it is the most important change to data privacy regulations in 20 years.

As we get closer to D-Day, some of the implications are becoming clearer – but one thing is for sure: email marketing has to move with the times. There is a lot of hype around the impact that GDPR will have, but if you pull it back to its bones it is really nothing more than making direct marketing best practice a legislative imperative.

Why should you waste your time sending emails to recipients who are not really interested in your products or services. Focus is on quality and not quantity – and talking to the people who want to listen. As a copywriter there is little more heartening to think of your audience reading, appreciating and even sharing your copy, and this is what GDPR will mandate.

So, as a direct marketer, what do you need to do as a matter of urgency?

  1. Review your touch points: how, when and why you gather personal data
  2. Identify a clear procedure for obtaining consent, and for withdrawing consent.
  3. Redraft the language that you use to obtain consent, along with your T&Cs and privacy policy
  4. Make sure that the systems you are using, your CRM and ESP, give you the tools to manage the process and provide evidence of the specifics of the consent obtained.
  5. Build your database with as many opted-in contacts as you can to ensure you still have an audience to communicate with

And of course,

6. Highlight 25 May 2018 in your calendar!

 Want to know more?

The ICO released a twelve step checklist for organisations to use in the coming months to work towards compliance. The GDPR involves more than just consent and touches on all the gathering and processing of personal data which will have implications through the business, not just on your email and SMS marketing efforts.

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